Newsletter - October 2011

Welcome to the Student Council newsletter, October 2011

One election is barely over before another begins. The elections for RU's governing bodies is fast approaching, and the election campaigns are quietly getting started. Its an election for the representatives for the University Board, the Academic Council, all the study boards and the department councils. On behalf of the Student Council I would like to encourage you to vote – the higher the participation percentage, the more volume in the voice of the representatives!

Maybe not surprisingly, the elections at RU are therefore a recurring theme in this newsletter, where the election committee have written this months column. In addition, you will also find lots of other news, regarding our future look, and not least, an invitation to participate in our extensive questionnaire. Under the activities the Academic Network is launching two courses, and for the Natbas students there's the chance to win some awesome prizes.


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Elections have been called - again

No later than the conclusion of the general elections for parliament, a new election has been called. This time is about our internal democracy at RU, where we have to select the student representatives for the governing bodies: study boards, institute councils, Academic Council, and RU's board. What they all do, we will return to.

In all secrecy RU's election office called the election the 20th of September. Not many people know about it, but we would like to guide you through the most basic things you should know about student democracy at RU. At the announcement of the elections, the Student Council has started to find candidates and to prepare for the elections. It's not only the central bodies, the Academic Council, and the University Board, that need candidates. As every department has an election for their department council, and each subject for its study board, there are a lot of candidates to find and prepare.

The election itself takes place on Portalino between the 19th – 23rd of October. In the election period you will be able to click on the link that says Elections at RU (Valg på RUC), under the title, Currently relevant links (Aktuelt).

You can read more about the elections at

What is a university election?

According to the University law, an annual election to the governing bodies at RU must take place. This is where we can chose those students who will be representing the rest of us. The Student Council is running for the election, because all our experience shows that we can achieve the best results when we stand together as students. For the past many years, the students have come together to show the administration at RU that we want to be heard, to have influence, and that we wont be fooled. The best way for us to do that is to speak with one, clear voice.

What is the University Board?

The UB is the highest authority at RU, which determines the guidelines for RU's organisation, development, and function. This is where strategies for the long term are adopted.

The University Board is also the body that employs rector, and according to a recommendation from rector, employs the rest of the university's highest leadership. The board also has responsibility for RU's work before the Minister of Science. First and foremost this means that the University Board maintains RU's economy. Today there are 5 external members, that are neither students or employee's at RU – one of them is also the chairman of the board. Beyond that, there are 4 internal members: 1 representative from the technical/administrative staff (TAP), 1 for the supervisors (VIP) and 2 students.

What is the Academic Council?

The Academic Council is the body that advises the rector about central areas regarding RU's core services (education and research) and economy. The Academic Council has no formal influence on these topics, but at RU there has fortunately always been a culture, and a tradition, where rector listens to the input delivered by the Academic Council. It is also the task of the Academic Council to award PhD. degrees, doctorates, and honorary doctorates.

As the Academic Council deals with a broad spectrum of topics regarding eduation, research and economy, there is a subcommittee within the council for each of the three topics. These are called the Educational Committee (UDDU), the Research Committee (FOU), and the Economy Committee (ØU), and they deal with most of the issues that the Academic Council later find on their agenda's. Beyond the academic discussions, the Academic Council also functions as a knowledge forum, where you haven't wasted your time by just listening in.

In the Academic Council there are 6 students, and 11 representatives for the supervisors. The technical/administrative staff's representatives only have observer status.

What is a department council?

In every department there typically one department council, composed of the head of department, four VIP's, two TAP's, and two students. This distribution may vary from department to department.

It is the task of the council to advise the head of department regarding the departments academic development plan, the relationship between education and research, and to set goals and targets for the departments research activities, and its budget.

What is a study board?

The Study Boards are important because this is where the study regulations for your studies are determined, its where the contents and coverage of each topic is decided, and where one develops the individual studies.

The Study Boards are especially important, because the students have real influence. It is not simply an advisory group, but a deciding body, and the students actually hold 50% of the seats.


All meetings in both the University Board, Academic Council, Educational Committee, Research Committee, and Economy Committee are open. If you want to participate, you can contact the Student Council, and gain an overview over the scheduling of the meetings, agenda's, and various appendix material. We have representatives, who are present at all of these meetings, and you are more than welcome to participate in a meeting, or two – or many.

But first and foremost we need to elect some representatives, and that's something all of you, and your co-students need to do – then you're a part of ensuring a strong student democracy, and influence on


Kind regards,

The Election Committee


The Student Council launches a new look

The 10th of October the Student Council launched a new graphical look. The objective of the new look is to create a correlation between the Student Council and our many committees. This means that both the organisation, as well as each committee is getting a new logo, so that it will be easier to recognise the Student Council in the future.

The new logo is circular, and uses the colours to symbolise the three area's of the Student Council; Political, academic, and social work.

Help us get to know you

We, in the Student Council would like to come closer to you as a student. We work everyday to make your studies, and your student life, better. To better maintain this assignment, we would like to get to know more about you, and your relationship to us. We therefore ask you to complete our questionnaire, you'll find the link bellow.

Thanks in advance,


Academic Network: Introduction to Theory of Knowledge – 13/10

by/ Pelle Guldborg Hansen

- Because we in the Academic Network find it important that the students have a broad insight in the ontological and epistemological directions.

13. October 2011, 12.30-14.30. Register at


Video-competition for the Natural Sciences: Win 500,- for the bookstore! - 20/10

Make a short video about your natural science project... and win a gift certificate for 500,- for the bookstore!

Can you convey your project in a fun, fascinating, or innovative way? Then you, and the rest of your project group, each and every one of you, can win a gift certificate of 500,- to the bookstore.

The competition runs from the 1st of October, and has to be uploaded at the following link, no later than the 20th of December:

The video can last up to three minutes and must include the names of the group members. There are no requirements to style and form, so let your imaginations run wild, and get in touch with your creative side. The winners are announced the 23rd of December, and the winners will be informed immediately afterward.

The competition is for all the natural science students at RU, both Natbas, NIB, and the natural science specialisation subjects.

Academic Network: Scientific project writing – 27/10

by/ Pelle Guldborg Hansen

- Because we in the Academic Netowrk find it important, that the students don't just write one project after the other, according to learn-by-doing, but are actually taught some general standards for project reports.

27. October 2011, 12.30-14.30. Followed by one hour's voluntary debate. Register at

SCIENCE-SLAM in the Natcafé the 11th of November!

Huge nitrogen clouds, colourful foam sausages, and meter-high cola-mentos-fountains! Come to the Science-slam in the natcafé and win awesome prizes.

You prepare a little experiment which you, together with your partner, demonstrate to your fellow students. Preferably accompanied with a few corny jokes. The competition is for all students at the natural sciences, both basis, in specialisation, and international.

And then what?
The three best science-couples are chosen and win, beyond a gift certificate to the natcafé, the right to a study-relevant, challenging, and last but not least, a really fun student job filled with natural science! We are organising a science-show training day later in November.

NAT and NIB need a science-crew, that can go out and conduct awesome science-shows to show and explain that RU has Denmark's coolest natural science education.

1. prise: 400 for the Natcafé
2. prise: 200 for the Natcafé
3. prise: 100 for the Natcafé

Registration, questions, and help requests for experiments can be sent to:


The Student Council General Assembly – 12th of November

Would you like to have influence on your university? Then come and participate in the Student Council General Assembly 2011 Saturday the 12th of November from 11 - 19pm in the Student Council rooms in building 01. This is where we will discuss how we together can create an even better university, and where we will elect the chairmanship and board of the Student Council. After the general assembly, there will be dinner and a party.

Show up and take responsibility for your education!

Read more about the General assembly, and register at