No Limitations on Master-Combination Subjects for Bachelor Students

Roskilde University is changing their master educations. The result: that it is no longer possible to choose one’s combination subjects freely. The Student Council has been fighting the last year to ensure that this limitation will not affect students, currently doing their bachelor’s. Yesterday this was accomplished when Roskilde University’s Academic Council approved the following:

“Regarding the transition to the new combination structure on the master subjects a lot the current – mostly rarely chosen – combination possibilities be annulled. It is crucial for the university to ensure that no current students get squeezed by this. Thus is it the university’s intention to establish an appropriate transition where students can be admitted on their whished master combinations on interim study regulations.”

The Student Council have secured that the following students do not experience any limitations:

a. Current bachelor students that have been admitted on the bachelor’s programme as of 1 September 2014 or prior.
(This include students who which to be admitted on a master’s combination that is not in direct continuation of their bachelor’s combination, but still admit students with set bachelor).
b. Bachelor students who had resigned their bachelor at RUC for a shorter amount of time.
c. Students who have finished their bachelor degree and have/are taking a break from RUC and have lost their legal right to admission to the same master education.
d. Former master students who have resigned from their education and which to return to RUC.

These students must note that they most begin their master’s no later than September 1 2018 to be able to avoid the new limitations.    

/The Student Council’s representatives in Academic Council.

The complete appendix from the Academic Council can be found here (in Danish):