The Tutoring 2015 Team has been found!

The Tutoring Chairmanship for 2015 is happy to announce their team of fellow students to ensure the quality of the upcoming tutoring process!

With 11 applicants for positions within the team, in December 2014 the Tutoring Chairmanship conducted the interviews and came to the satisfactory decision of taking on all the 11 excellent applicants, who each showed a strong interest in the betterment of the many facets of tutoring.

In no particular order, welcome to the team Nadia Deis, Alexander Fehrn-Christensen, Lisa Samuelsen, Liv Rasmussen, Sebastian Hoyer, Rasmus Aarup Larsen, Stefan Elver Hansen, Mikkel Vejle, Zaki Aalling Souary, Nanna Zmylon, and Maria Chas Madsen.

Over the next 8 months they will, together with the chairmanship, plan and facilitate the education of the tutors, help the tutor groups under the development of the tutoring period as sparring partners, and various evaluations along the way.

Responsibilities are divided to some extent throughout the team, and if you’re interested in what aspects of tutoring each individual will be managing, more specific details will be announced later this month via the RUC Rusvejledning 2015 Facebook page.

Any questions can be directed to the 2015 Tutoring Chairmanship consisting of Kasper Riis, Nicola Kirchhübel and René Teilmann, at