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Life at campus during your studies shouldn’t just be filled with lectures, group meetings, and hours spend at the library, it should also be filled with physical activity. Being physical improves your abilities to be a great student. For students like us, the lifestyle and habits we pick up during our studies often follow us for the rest of our lives – so why not create a lifestyle that is filled with physical activity?

 What is RUCsport?

We wish to welcome you to the sports club for students at Roskilde University, which is called RUCsport. The goal behind this club is to offer students, as well as employees, the possibility to participate in different activities as well as general physical workouts.

 RUCsport administrates the training room in building 45, a sports hall with mirrors in building 46 and offers different activities. A RUCsport membership gives you access to use the training room and participate in the different activities we offer.

 In the beginning, the training room only contained a couple of spinning bicycles and a solarium, but later on it has been expanded with help from the Tuborg Foundation. We have bought new equipment and machines in order to be able to compete with other fitness centres – with a student friendly price.

 If you want to start up a new activity, please do not hesitate to contact us. The more initiatives, the more choices you have when training. 

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How to find RUCsport

We have several different rooms to our disposal:

  1. The training room in building 45.1.
  2. The mirror room in buliding 46.1, which is used for gymnastics etc.
  3. Trekronerhallen at Trekroner school, across the lake from RUC.