University Election 2015

The Student Council believes that we students are the ones best qualified to determine what is good education and what is bad education for us as students. That is why student participation where the decisions are made is so important. We also believe that we can get more done and better results when we students work together across our subjects and academic traditions, but also across ideological and political differences. What matters is that we are all students here at Roskilde University.

The Student Council is therefore an academic community across faculties and departments, independently of party politics. We are RUC students for RUC students, and we believe that we can make a difference by standing together in the effort of making Roskilde University a better university for students.

That is why the Student Council is YOUR organisation here at RUC.

The university election is your opportunity to influence which of your fellow students should represent you in the university democracy. The Student Council is running and you can vote on from Wednesday October 21 09:00 am until Wednesday October 28 at noon.

Here on the page you can read more about why you should vote for the student council, why it is important to vote anyway, how you vote, which committees you are actually voting for and who the Student Council's candidates are.

Click your way around the page, visit our Facebook page or drop by our office in the Student House to get more information.